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In-store telehealth eye exams

Telehealth is a convenient way to schedule an eye exam with an Optometrist at Wisconsin Vision. Appointments are done over an in-store video call with your optometrist.

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New Patient info & history

You will be asked to fill out your information over a device (tablet, laptop, or desktop). The intake will include medical history, ocular health, allergies, insurance coverage, etc. You are then assigned to a technician and Optometrist for the eye exam (if not specified, the first available technician and Optometrist will be assigned).


Your local technician will be able to describe what each test is and why it’s important.

Pretesting involves a number of vision tests including: 

  • Autorefraction - Used to get an estimate of your eyeglass prescription.
  • Ancillary Test - Captures videos of the pupil, cover/uncover, and extraocular muscle to see pupil reaction and eye muscle movement.
  • Non-Contact Tonometry - Measures fluid pressure in your eye to detect glaucoma.
  • Retinal Imaging - Takes detailed images of the back of the eye/retina, and allows you to see the overall health of your eye. It detects and monitors glaucoma, macular degeneration, and high blood pressure.
  • Anterior Segment Video - Examines the structures at the front of the eyes (cornea, conjunctiva, lens, lid margin, etc.) using a video slit lamp to detect eye disease.
  • Lensometry - Verifies the prescription of current eyeglasses to determine how your vision has changed.

These tests are used to produce high-definition images of your eyes to help your on-screen Optometrist provide the optimal prescription for you. After prescreening, you will be escorted to an exam chair in the office to wait for the virtual eye exam.

Subjective refraction

When the appointment begins, your technician will talk you through each step and help set up the phoropter head (refractor) for subjective refraction. This determines the refractive correction you need in the form of glasses or contact lenses. Once your technician concludes the appointment, you are moved into a queue to wait for an Optometrist.

Exam result review & analysis

Data received from the pre-tests and subjective refraction is then reviewed by your Optometrist. Your Optometrist will go over ocular health, verification, and evaluation of test results, then answer questions. Your Optometrist can also request additional tests and control the phoropter to refine the refraction. Once the evaluation is completed, your Optometrist will issue a prescription, if necessary. If we observe any conditions we are unable to treat, we will refer you to an appropriate doctor who can help.


Accurate eyeglass and/or contact lens prescriptions are immediately printed by your local technician and given to you. Your local technician will then guide you into the store to purchase prescription eyewear or contact lenses.

Advantages of our remote eye exam service:

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility in scheduling

  • Accessability

    Accessibility to your providers

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective and convenient

  • Consistent

    Consistent high quality care

If you have any questions or concerns about our Telehealth services being offered at Wisconsin Vision, please contact your nearest store today for more information. Telehealth services are not yet available at all Wisconsin Vision locations. See the list below to find our nearest Telehealth location.

Managed Care (insurance providers)

Disclaimer: Insurance coverage for eye exams varies from state to state and from plan to plan. 48 states cover telemedicine involved with live video conferencing under Medicaid. Medicare offers telemedicine for patients in rural and underserved areas. Digital eye exams fall under vision coverage in your insurance policy.

Online Eye Exam & Telehealth

Can you do a vision exam online?

Though Telehealth eye exam appointments are virtual, the equipment in our optometry offices is needed to perform a thorough eye exam. You will still need to go to your nearest Wisconsin Vision location for a Telehealth eye exam.

How does a Telehealth eye exam work?

A comprehensive eye exam is conducted with an on-screen technician and/or Optometrist through a video call to get you an accurate eyeglass prescription in less than 30 minutes. Whether you meet a technician or Optometrist over video chat will depend on who is at your Wisconsin Vision store at the time of your eye exam appointment. Remember, Telehealth appointments are in-store.

What is a Telehealth eye exam?

Telehealth is a new, innovative way to conduct comprehensive eye exams with an on-screen licensed Optometrist through a video call. Digital eye exams make it easy for you to schedule an appointment at your convenience, because you don’t need to depend on your Optometrist to be at the office with you at the time of your appointment.

Who is eligible for Telehealth?

Anyone can schedule a Telehealth eye exam at Wisconsin Vision, regardless of insurance coverage.

Are Telehealth eye exams more expensive?

No. Since the Optometrist doesn’t have to be on-site for exams, there is no additional cost to having them available throughout the day.

Do insurance companies cover Telehealth appointments?

Yes, most insurance companies will cover a Telehealth eye exam because it helps to detect eye disease and reduces the cost of in-person comprehensive exams.

Are Telehealth exam results as accurate as in-person exams?

Advancements in technology help improve the efficiency of optometric tools and replicate the on-site, in-person eye exam with an on-screen Optometrist.

How is an eye exam with an out-of-office Optometrist different from my usual annual exam?

You can expect the same treatment as a usual exam when you schedule a Telehealth eye exam at Wisconsin Vision. The only difference is that you will be receiving care from an on-screen Optometrist through a high definition video conference. Most of the process will be the same and in-store staff will be there to help you through the process.

What tests would be missing as compared to a traditional in-person eye exam?

None. Telehealth digital exams offer the same comprehensive exam that standard in-person exams offer.

What happens if the Optometrist observes a health condition in my eye?

If a condition is found that we cannot treat, the Optometrist will refer you to a specialist. Remember, regular eye exams are the best way to identify and properly address any health conditions with your eyes.

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